About Us

A powerful online experience

SnazzyMag offers a powerful online experience of compelling content and intuitive navigation – It’s online Fashion & Beauty magazine! Tailored to the interests and needs of women aged 15-50 the site will become one of the most demographically targeted online communities. Our magazine is marketed within the Google Adwords, Facebook, Pintrest, StumbleUpon and other popular niche market websites.

Conceived from most successful fashion & beauty events and stories

The profoundly loyal audience of the Girls Day Out events conceived the SnazzyMag concept. Their desire to see the creation of an online girls day out experience that they could engage with 365 days a year is where it all started. The site is a very tangible response to the requests for a one-stop, comprehensive online experience.

Created specifically for Women of all ages

SnazzyMag has been created in response to the need to provide a platform to connect women with brands, businesses and each other. SnazzyMag is predominantly about enriching the lives of women through a strong and persuasive online offering. The site enables women to connect with the latest information and tutorials about fashion, beauty, makeup, eye makeup, nail art, bridal guide, bridal makeup and more.

Come on in and be our Guest

Everyone is welcome, but if you are a woman then this site has been built especially with you in mind come on in and be our guest.

If you have any suggestion or query please feel free to contact us at media(at)snazzymag.com.