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Skin care regime is very essential. Everyone wants healthy skin which is free from oil, blackheads and blemishes. Skin care is important especially in teen age. Skin care is not a tough procedure, an effective skin care routine is easy to implement. You have just needed the right product and the right knowledge about your skin type. The correct techniques, products and skin care tips will lead you a flawless fabulous skin.

Wash your Face

Wash your face when you wake up. This will take away sweat and oil that build up over the night. It will also give you a shine free face for the morning. While washing your face take much care about your soap because normal soap which we use for our body and hands could harm our face because they can irritate the pores on the face and may cause the pimples and acne. So try to use a facial cleanser or a best quality face wash. Stop your skin from oiling because Acne is a problem which occurs due to excess of oil production and clogs within pores, not a problem of surface obstruction of pores.


Try to exfoliate your skin once in a week, this procedure remove dead skin cells and soften up your skin. Homemade products for exfoliation are best for this purpose or you can buy a product for this. Just wet your skin scoops some of the exfoliant onto your fingers and massage for 60 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.


  • Mix sugar and honey fro exfoliation
  • Use oatmeal and mix it with milk and honey if you have sensitive skin

Use Homemade face masks

Homemade face masks works very well for skin care. They are not only harmless but also a best treatment for skin care. Like Multani Mitti is best for skin care and effective for every type of skin care. Besan paste and masks are also very effective for many skin problems. So try to go with nature. Use homemade facial and masks to get flawless skin.

Use pore cleansing strips

These stripes are a cotton stripes. The procedure to use them is just pressed it on your skin, when you pull the strip off it removes any blackheads that might have been present. These stripes are usually used n the face and can also be used on any part of the body that has blackheads.

Don’t Forget to wear Sun Screen

Before going out from home don’t to wear sun screen, because sun rays could be damaging for your skin. Use that skin product which is rich in SPF.  Because sun rays can be the cause of fine lines and wrinkles. Sun screen protect your skin from these problems. This skin care tip is especially for teenager.

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