Beauty Tips for Rainy Season

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Rainy season beauty tips

Rainy weather is a lovely weather. But in this weather we have to take care of our skin because many skin problems came into existence in this weather. We are all about presenting a united front no matter the weather; there is simply no excuse for running around with fizzy hair melted mascara and raccoon eyes. Here are some beauty tips and tricks for rainy day.

Un-Fizz your Hair

Your hair looks fizzy in the rainy season. To avoid this fizzy texture you have to keep your hair’s cuticle sealed at all times. A simple way to do this is use a light mousse gel all over your hair and works it through so that the whole follicle is smooth.

Go with light Makeup

In the rainy season go with light makeup it gives a beautiful texture to you and your personality. Try to use waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Avoid heavy foundation and moisturizers. So try to go with a silky powder palette that combines bronzer, highlighter, and blush for a total face.

Pay attention to manicure and pedicure

In the rainy weather there is a great risk of fungal infection between your fingers and toes. So to prevent this problem regular manicure and pedicure will ensure clean feet hands and healthy nails. An extra tip is tried to avoid wearing fully covered shoes.

Foot care tip for rainy season

In the rainy season you can take care of your feet by wearing sensible shoes and making sure your feet are clean and healthy. Always wear open toned shoes because they don’t soak up water as much as sneaker and other types of shoes will. And when you enter your home don’t forget to wash your feet. Wash with a good soap as to take off the dirt and germs. You can also use a foot scrub to keep your feet nice and clean.

Hair Care tip for Rainy season

Try to avoid going out when it is raining heavily because rain is acidic and not good for your hair. Cover your hair with any type of accessory which keeps your hair getting wet like hat, and umbrella.

Don’t forget essentials

When you heading out in the rainy season don’t forget to carry with you your skin essentials like bloating paper, wipes, beauty sponges, Q tips etc. because in rainy weather your skin needs protection.

These are some beauty tips and tricks for rainy season. Follow these tips to protect your skin in rainy season. Have you any other tip regarding this purpose? I would love to know about your experience.

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  • aisham90

    Nice Tips to follow in rainy season…

  • salimahayat

    I really like it! Light, easy and natural!

  • Joana Bryer

    This is great! As I have read in Consumer Health Digest, it is always our feet that gets the full wrath of the monsoon season, thanks for sharing foot care tips for this

  • Sheila Nico

    This is great! As I have read somewhere, it is always
    our skins that gets the full wrath of the monsoon season, thanks for
    sharing these beauty tips, I will be using my Solvaderm to make sure that I am still protected