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There are many skin problems like Dead skin, patchy skin, Black heads, Acne, Pimples, Ingrown hair and many more. The solution fall for these skin problems is scrubbing. I have shared many face care tips, face Masks, Scrubs but today I am going to share with you a very amazing and natural scrub for all type of skin problems. And one amazing thing about this is its entire ingredient are easily available in your own kitchen, so, check it out!

Ingredients & Required Things

  • Oats powder
  • Black gram powder
  • Mung bean powder
  • Black sesame seed powder
  • Rice powder
  • Gram powder
  • Milk or rose water
  • Container to mix in


  • First take black sesame seed powder in the bowl or container. Quantity of all grains should be in equal size. Then add Mung bean powder in it. Try to keep that seeds coarse to offer roughness to the scrub. If you wish to have a harsh scrub for your elbow or feet, you may keep all the grain coarse.
  • The essential ingredient in this scrub is oats. They help to exfoliate the dead skin and make it fair and glowing.
  • Then add black gram in it. This must be finely powder and does not remain black after being powdered.
  • Then add Channa dal flour and the quantity must be same.
  • Then add rice powder in it.
  • Now you have all the ingredients in the bowl.

Mix all the ingredients as well. Then add milk or rose water in the bowl. Milk gives moisture to our body and skin. Ladies who have dry skin may add yogurt or milk and honey both in this recipe. Mix all the ingredients to get a uniform thick paste. Your scrub is ready now. Apply this scrub all over your body or where you want. After scrubbing you will get:

  • Dust free glowing skin
  • This scrub provides proper nourishment to the skin. If you want glowing skin try this scrub on regular basis.
  • This scrub removes all dead skin cells and makes your skin blemish free.
  • This is a complete and whole body nourishment scrub.

Why we spend our lot of many on buying or storing products while we can easily make these scrub at home. And one of the best thing of this scrub is it is free from any type of side effect. This multi grain scrub proves well for your skin to get rid from many types of skin problems. Try this at your home and let me know how its works for you.

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