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Skin Care

No matter you have normal, oily, sensitive dry or combination skin, your skin always need care? Daily skin care consists of three steps that are cleansing, toning and moisturizing. If you follow these steps daily, your skin will become fresh, clean, flawless and beautiful.

Skincare doesn’t end on these three steps. There are so many things that must be used to give your skin glow for example face packs, scrubbers, exfoliation etc. Here we will be explaining how to give proper care to your skin.


cleasing theropy

Cleansing is the first step among all skin care procedures. Cleanings should be done in morning and in night before going to bed to remove all dirt from your skin. Cleansing also removes all kind of makeup products from your face and make your face clean. Overnight makeup can damage your skin badly.

Steps in cleansing

1) Tie your hairs back so that your hairs do not disturb you while cleansing. You can use hair band for this purpose.

2) Select cleanser according to your skin type. Apply cleanser on your whole face and neck using your finger ti and massage is slowly n circular motions. In this way all dirt in your pores will come out. Pay proper attention to the T zone area of your face that consists of forehead, nose and chin. These areas consume more dirt in pores.


skin toning

Toners are also known as fresheners. Toning is the second step of skin care routine. Toning removes the residue of cleanser from your face. It also tightens the open pores. Toning prepares your skin for moisturizer and leaves it fresh and super clean. If your skin looks very dry and lifeless then I will recommend you to apply tonner in tapping motion. It will enhance the blood circulation in your skin.

Steps in toning

1) Select toner according to your skin type. Take some amount of toner on cotton bud and apply it on your whole face and neck. Apply toner in circular motions on face and neck. Do not try to rub it on your skin. Pay attention on T zone area on your face. Do not apply toner on eyes or lips.

2) Now clean your face by using a soft tissue paper on clean cotton balls. If you feel that toner is scratching your skin then splash water on your skin and then use any other toner that is alcohol free. Usually alcoholic toners cause irritation. Always read ingredients before buying any product.


moisturizing for skin

Moisturizing is the last step of daily skin care routine. Our skin loses moisture due to sun shine, dirt, cold or hot weather. Moisturizing helps to balance the moisture in your skin. It’s better to use moisturizer at day time that have sun screen in it. It will protect your skin from dangerous sun rays. Such kind of moisturizers absorbs in skin very well. Makeup will not stay on your face if your moisturizer is greasy. You can use creamy moisturizers at night before going to bed because you do not have to do makeup at that time.

Steps of moisturizing

1) Always select moisturizer according to your skin type. Apply moisturizer in dots on your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck and then massage is slowly on your whole face. Any portion of your face or neck should not be left. Try to use moisturizer in less quantity according to the need of your skin.

2) Massage moisturizer in circular motions on your face and neck. Avoid your eyes. Your eyes need some special care that we will be defining in next pages.

3) Wait for five minutes after applying moisturizer. Let is absorb properly in your skin before applying any kind of makeup. If you apply makeup soon after moisturizer, your makeup will not stay longer.

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