7 ways to use wonderful gel Vaseline

Vaseline a good moisturizer
Ways to use Vaseline

 There are several ways to use gel Vaseline in your daily routine or in your makeup. But here I am telling you which I utilize the most. Vaseline is very useful Product. Even every person has how know about this product. Vaseline mostly uses in the winter season. Because winter is known as a dry season. In addition, it can replace so many beauty products and it can also create a stunning look when you see you use it on your lips, eyes, and even your cheekbones.  Before knowing it, you might be incorporating a few of these incredible ways to use Vaseline and chucking some of your old beauty products.

Luscious Lips

ways to use vaseline
vaseline for lips

There are lots of ways to use Vaseline on your lips. It also be considered as a fantastic gloss, and it is an easy way to keep your lips soft and supple. When you want to highlight the natural color of your lips, a quick slick of Vaseline will give them sheen like you want and which you wouldn’t believe. Another way to use Vaseline is you can apply it after applying your favorite lip color. This will create an automatic highlight which will make your lips look fuller and lusher.

Thickener Eyelash

ways to use vaseline
vaseline for thicker eyelashes

Lot of women suffered by it, I am including it in my list because I am one of them who suffer by thick eyelashes. There are number of products which promise to make your eyelashes grow but fail to do and some pretty gnarly side effects just like making your iris turn brown and others are both expensive and worthless. If you want your eyelashes up you have just to do an easy step just apply a coat of Vaseline before bedtime. With the passage of time you will see thicker, longer, and fuller lashes.

Make Shift Eye Shadow

ways to use vaseline
vaseline as eyeshadow

There are several ways to use Vaseline as eye makeup as well. You can apply it before putting on your eye shadow, so that you get a shiny, luminous effect. However, you can also use Vaseline in place of shadow. It’s colorless, of course, but will create a soft, dewy sheen that works wonderfully when you’re going for a more natural look. Just don’t put it on too thick, because you don’t want your eyelids to look greasy.


ways to use vaseline
Vaseline as highlighter

Vaseline makes an ideal highlighter as well, and obviously it will work with any skin tone! This will also give you a gorgeous, dewy look. All you have to do is apply a tiny bit of the Vaseline to the very tops of your cheekbones and to your brow bones. This will draw the light to all the right places, but it eliminates the need for pricy highlighter products.

Transform Makeup Products

How to Use Vaseline
Vaseline usage

You can also use this wonder-jelly to transform your makeup. For instance, if you have a blush color you adore, mix it with some Vaseline and try it as a lip gloss. You can do the reverse as well, and turn your lipstick into a blush. Naturally, you can also do the same with your eye shadows. I love this idea, because you can get blush or lipstick with some seriously vivacious pigment.

Eyebrow Gel

How to use Vaseline
Vaseline as Eyebrow Gel

This stunning product does double duty as well as your eyebrow gel. A little dab of Vaseline smoothed over your brows will take them beautifully. It will also set any color created by eyebrow pencils or powders.

Vanquish Scaly Skin

How to use Vaseline
Usage of Vaseline

If you ever have a problem with dry skin showing scaly through your foundation, you will love this trick. This happens to me along my T-zone and around my mouth, and I hate it, rather, because Vaseline has saved the day again. Before applying your foundation, just smooth a little Vaseline over extremely dry patches. Dab your foundation or powder in those areas with a light touch and blend carefully.

I would like to know about do you use  Vaseline in your makeup? Remember one thing that Vaseline is also a good moisturizer it also hydrates your skin. It is a wonder for dry and rough skin… if you have any other way to use this wonderful product I will definitely love to know from about.

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