Multani mitti… A Solution of all Skin Problems

Benefits of Multani mitti
Multani mitti for skin

Multani mitti, better known as the Fuller’s earth is a clay substance that is hugely popular for its healing property against acne and blemishes.  It is very rich in magnesium chloride which helps to reduce acne. You can use it as a cleanser, toner and most importantly as Multani mitti facial packs, which are very popular.  Homemade face packs and scrubs are the easiest ways to achieve oil free and glowing skin at home. Face packs have innumerable benefits especially those made with Multani mitti. So, Multani mitti is a Wonder ingredient for oily skin. It uses in Pakistan & India on Wide range. It suits on every type of Skin. Here I am listing benefits of Multani mitti. I am sure you will love this wonderful natural product.

The popularity of Multani Mitti is just because it removes dead cells from skin making space for its breath.

Multani mitti masks are very effective in making your skin glow as well as improving the texture of the skin. It also makes it radiant by removing acne and blemishes to a great degree. It is well competent of removing all the impurities from your skin so that your pores are not clogged anymore and thus prepares your face for serum or cream application. In this way the cream gets more absorbed and works more effectively.

Solution of all skin problems
Multani mitti

 One of the most popular uses of Multani Mitti is for those with oily skin. Multani mitti with rose water makes an excellent face masks for oily skin. For dry skin, add milk and almond paste with it. It improves blood circulation also!!

It is well known for its oil absorbing feature. Just because of this reason it is added in the face packs so widely. It wonderfully works for acne prone skin.  To reduce blemishes use a pack of Multani mitti with tomato juice, turmeric and sandalwood powder. Apply and leave for ten minutes and then rinse it off. It also acts as a wonderful cleanser which brightens the face immediately!! However you should always remember that it is not a magic potion so it will not reduce the blemishes overnight. So you have to follow the mask for a time and be patient to have the glowing and blemish free skin.

If you have pimple, then this versatile Multani mitti is a quick service t your door step.  Add neem paste, ground clove powder and camphor with Multani mitti. Add rose water to make a smooth paste and use it weekly to reduce those ugly marks off your skin.

Multani Mitti for Skin and Health:

As a body wash: A cooling and healing body wash

  • 1 cup oatmeal powder
  • 1 cup neem powder
  • 1/4 cup white chandan powder
  • 1 spoon of amba haldi powder
  • Kala chana powder
  • Multani Mitti (fuller’s earth)
  • Milk

Mix all of these and store in a bottle to make a good body wash for everyday use.

 As an antiseptic:

Multani Mitti is an antiseptic agent. Multani mitti for face benefits also to heal skin irritations and offers soothing effect on the skin.

Blood circulation:

Using Multani mitti paste on any part of the body helps in improving proper blood circulation. This makes Multani mitti for glowing skin an ideal solution.

 Warn and cold compressors:

You can either use it as a warm or cold compress to treat problems of menstrual cramps, muscle pain, sunburn, insect bites and burns.

For a warm compress, mix it with lukewarm water and apply.

For a cold compress, mix it with cold water and apply.

Some important tips for Multani Mitti:

1. Opt for genuine quality Multani mitti.

2. Eating it can cause kidney stones or clog intestines.

3. Store Multani Mitti in a cool and dry place and always away from heat, air and sunlight.

4. Store it in a refrigerator or outside in an air tight jar.

So here are the benefits of Multani mitti for face, skin and health. I hope these benefits will prove good for your Health & Skin…

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