6 Tips for Brides to Lose Weight without Exercise

weight lose tips
Tips for bridals

Over weight can be a serious problem especially for girls and a blunder for those girls who are planning for a marriage. But now you have no need to worry about it. Because here I am with simple and easy tips which helps brides to lose your weight. For this purpose you have no need to do a hard workout or running on a long track. You just need to add some calories and vitamins like fruits in your daily food supplement. Following I am going to mention some ways that how fruits can help you to lose your weight. So brides you can easily lose your weight without any diet and workout any hurdle.

Banana… Low in Calories

weight lose tips

Water rich food tends to be very low in calories. Like banana is low calorie fruit. Bananas which are large in size have 120 calories. The best way to lose your weight without any difficult task is just add this fruit when you are hungry it will gives you a low calorie snack, good in taste and has nutrients your body needs.

Raspberry… Rich in Fiber

Weight lose tips

Cutting calories is one of the ways to lose weight. Raspberry is rich in fiber its one cup has 32% of your daily value of fiber. The fiber in fruits will help you stay full so you don’t feel hungry as often.

Grapefruit… Burn Fat

weight lose tips

Some fruits have the ability to burn your fats. Like grapefruit lost an average of 20 pounds in 13 weeks without any diet. Lemon also helps you to burn your fat. You can also use lemon in your morning coffee because its detoxifying properties helps to reduce your weight.

Guava… Fuel

weight lose tips

Exercise is important when you are trying to lose your weight and with this you can also need fuel for your muscles so they can gave power to you during your workout. Fruits are rich in fuel for your muscles because they have glucose needed for energy. Try to eat guava daily after your workout. It will proves helpul for you.

Date… Sweet but low in Calories

weight lose tips

If you are sweet lover and it is hard to say no to your sweets then don’t worry nature have solved your this problem. Because many sweet fruits like dates are sweet in taste but they are less in calories So, you can taste it like candy.


weight lose tips

To get rid of bloating the great way is to eat that fruits which are rich in water like watermelon, because it has diuretic properties which help you to reduce your weight.

These above mention fruits are less in calories and help you to reduce your weight. They keep you nourished and help you to reach your goal.

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