Top Bridal Mehndi Designs for Wedding day

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It is mostly applied by bridals during wedding as it is said to be sign of prosperity which bring happiness and good charm, following are the top bridal mehndi designs used in asian wedding culture.

Top Bridal Mehndi Designs

There are many types of mehndi like red black, all depends on your choice and there is also lot of design like Arabic style, Simple style or Marwari style.

bridal mendi
Mehndi design

For bridal Mehndi intricate designs are very common because this day is considered a big and beautiful day of bride. This design is inspiration from Indian temple art it looks very aggressive and a good choice for brides.

Bridal Mehndi
Mehndi desing

Mehndi is not only the process of decorating hands, but it is also the procedure of decorating feet too. In the Above image you will see a ideal design for bride who will be performing certain rites where her feet take the center of attention.

Bridal Mehndi
Mehndi Design

This design considered best when you are going to cover your front and back. This design is purely traditional and has floral patterns throughout the hands.

Bridal Mehndi
Mehndi design

To make mehndi design more prominent black mehndi is one of the best choices as compare to red. There is a huge trend of black mehndi now-a –day. This look great with the weave pattern and has very minute and intricate designs which add to its beauty. It is a great way to look unique and more gorgeous. It works best for those who want unique and want to cover the whole hand.

Bridal Mehndi
Mehndi Design

This design is for those who want some trendy touch in her wedding. You can also use glitter in the design to make it more beautiful and attractive. Even the mehndi on the feet is decorated with glitter, beads and stones.

Bridal mehndi
Mendi design

Red mehndi also looks great on the hands. It is very good to use red mehndi as it is prominent without being over the top. Red color looks great in floral designs, and accessories makes it ideal choice for dulhan mehndi.

I love all these bridal mehndi designs for hands. I Hope you will appreciate too!!!

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