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Your wedding is one of the biggest and memorable days in your life, which you may have dreaming since your childhood. There are many bridal makeup tips but what about those bridals that have darker skin tone? When you have darker skin tone its mean have to pay attention while choosing any color like lip color, foundation, blushes etc.  So, today I will tell you the proper way that how you can look prettiest with your Wheatish color on this special occasion.

Follow are bridal makeup tips for wheatish skin

Tips for Face:


Having darker color means you have to take care before using any color on your face. A wrong choice may be the factor of spoilage your day. While choosing a concealer or foundation try to choose that color which suits on your skin. Here are some suggestions for you:


  • Choose two colors first one darker than your skin tone and second lighter than your skin tone. Apply both on your face and see which one suits on your skin.
  • Always use foundation brush to apply foundation.
  • Blend it properly
  • Don’t rub it with your fingers, blend it with brush
  • Blend it towards your jaw line and ear line in this way it will give you a finishing look.

Choice of colors

Always choose those which works well with your skin tone. If your wedding theme is white then for your makeup choose light pink colors. Don’t do over. Coral and rose color blushes are perfect choice for Wheatish skin tone. Because Wheatish color demands darker color blushes to add a beautiful texture in your look.

Eyeshadow Colors

Don’t feel hesitate to play with colors. Before your wedding apply a variety of color shades on your face to know about which color suits on your skin tone. This practice will give you a better result. Here are some suggestions for you:


  • Avoid Smokey eye makeup if you have Wheatish color skin tone
  • Always make a thin line with your eyeliner to line your eyes, and don’t make thick or too pronounced.
  • Since you are going for a lighter and thinner lining, use false lashes with a volume express formula or hyper curl mascara. This will make your eyes stand out.

Add a sparkle in your lips

I recommend you to use plum or wine colors for your lips. Avoid using orange or matte color but if you have oily skin then you can go with matte finish lipsticks and if you have dry skin give a touch of gloss to the lips.

I hope these tips make your wedding day more special for you. Best wishes from my side…

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