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The wedding day of any woman in this world was very special for her, and every girl want to look younger as she would be the center of attention and most prominent among all the people. So today I am going to write a complete Beauty tips package regarding bridal beauty tips. I assure you these tips will change your look on the most special day of your life!

Skin care Tips

Bridal skin should be neat glowing and flawless. A home remedy for this purpose is drinking plenty of water. Try to drink about 8 to 10 glasses minimum per for 3 to 4 months before your marriage. I recommend you to start cleansing toning and moisturizer to get flawless skin on your wedding day. An important thing which you must avoid is stress, because stress makes your skin dull. Use makeup products like foundation, concealer, primer to know about which color works with your skin tone.

Bridal eyes tips

As you know eyes is the prominent part of the face. Pay a lot of attention while doing eye makeup. There must be a proper sequence of techniques and steps which are important to follow while doing bridal eye makeup. Remember; don’t forget to apply foundation before applying any Eyeshadow. Try to apply the foundation that matches your skin underneath the eye and over the eye lid. If you have dark circles avoid to putting a lot of foundation to cover them as it will put light into dark area and make your make your eyes puffy. Always use waterproof mascara and water proof eyeliner and make your eye lashes look thicker, long and beautiful.

Hairstyle tips

On the wedding day how can we forget bridal hairstyle? Bridal hairstyle changes her whole look so, I suggest you to take an advice from a hairstyle experts on which hairstyle suits with your face and your wedding dress.

Bridal Nail & Hands Tips

On the wedding bridal should make sure that their nails will be perfect in shape on their wedding day. Manicure and pedicure are very necessary to get perfect look of your nails on your wedding. The best nail care tip is use cuticle oil regularly to keep the dry skin off from your nails. A common home remedy for hands that is lemon juice mixed with the rose water and glycerin makes an effective hand lotion and makes your hands soft and smooth.

Bridal Mehndi tip

Mehndi is a tradition in Asian countries like Pakistan, India Bangladesh. Bridal love to wear Mehndi because Mehndi designs on feet and arms enhances the beauty of bride.

Above is the complete package about Bridal Beauty tips. These tips will help you to get a princess look. I know there are many tips regarding to bridal beauty, but these simple and easy tips will surely gave you a stunning look on your memorable day. Best Wishes!

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