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Walima is an Asian Wedding Ceremony like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh but this is mostly celebrated in Pakistan. With the passage of time there are many changes that are coming into the view within the Walima dresses designs. Bridals mostly choose to wear on this day Blue, Light pink, Peach, or Grapey colors. It is very tough to choose a best color and design for Walima. If we compare the past and modern dresses styles for Walima then there is a great difference between them. On this day bridal has to be careful to choose the Walima dress as she has to look fresh and extraordinary…

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Walima dress

Long flowing anarkali frocks is one of the most favorite choice of Pakistani brides for wedding. Bridals like to wear Lehenga on the Walima but there is a color difference between Barat dress and Walima dress. Lehenga and its shirt are filled from top to bottom with the use of adorable embroidery that is heavily set with the stones, motifs, dabka and zari. Walima dress should be comfortable this make the bridal feel much easier.  She can even walk around easily to greet many guests. One most and important thing about Walima dress is you have to care about your skin tone so that you can choose that color which suit with your skin tone.

Asian Fashion Trends for Bridal Lehengas

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Walima dress

I recommend you to first visit the fashion based websites and do a comparison in different colors and then select the best one. In this clothing style too all the beautiful Pakistani Walima dresses are set with the same embellishment just like the one in the Lehenga and shirt. One this day you have start a new life so, you have to look like a princes of your Husband’s World. Your wedding dress must be stunning and breath-taking that you will go to wish around catching all of the beautiful stuff.

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