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Are you worried about your dry skin just because soon you are going to get married? Then you have no need to worry about this because you are at right place. Today I will tell you amazing bridal makeup tips for dry skin. I know dry and patchy skin is not suitable for this big occasion because it may affect your makeup badly. These tips will help you to get rid from this problem.


Exfoliation is the best way to get rid from dry patchy skin, with this you can easily get rid from dead skin cells. A well exfoliated face is the perfect canvas for the perfect wedding makeup.


For all skin types regular cleansing with ph based face wash is very essential. Soaps may contain harsh chemical which may affect your skin so try to use face wash which is best in quality and avoid soaps.


After cleansing toning is very essential for all types of skin. Make sure to use a toner which doesn’t stretch the skin too much.


A dry skin needs heavy moisturizer. A good moisturizer makes your skin smooth and soft.

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A perfect skin routine is very important to get rid from dry skin.

  • Massage your skin with glycerin you can also mix rose water in it. Use these two products every night. For better results you can mix 2 to 4 drops of olive oil in this mixture. Leave it over the night and wash it next morning with Luke warm water.
  • Brides who have dry skin make sure that they pick right makeup products. I highly recommend you to use oil based foundation. Use gel based products as they will only make your skin chap even more.
  • Use a concealer which is cream based which you can apply with small makeup brush.
  • Always use peachy or pinkish shades which match your skin tone. I will recommend you to go for cream blushes. Because powder blushes will dry out your makeup base and make it crack.
  • Avoid powder base eye shadow. Always use cream eye shadow. Use water proof mascara and eyeliner. You can also moisturize your lashes with olive oil on the lashes to get naturally longer lashes.
  • At the end don’t forget to exfoliate your lips. Use a oil base foundation on your lips and then apply your favorite lip color and lip liner. Put some gloss to add extra shine.

I hope you will surely like these tips to get rid from dry skin.

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