4 Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup tips
eye makeup tips

Your wedding day should be memorable. You must look like the queen of the world. You eyes are one of the parts which reflect all your emotions in the pictures. So make sure that they must look stunning. Today I will tell you about most amazing Bridal eye makeup tips. A few grooming and makeup tips are all it takes to make sure you show off your eyes in a better light to the world!

Eye Brow Shape

For stunning eye makeup your eye brows should be in good shape.  Here I will give you some tips on how you can give a good shape to your eye brows.

  • Before wedding do not try to do any experiment with your eye brows. Avoid adopting any celebrity’s eyebrows shape. Keep your face shape in consideration and get your eyes brows shaped accordingly.
  • Don’t make a too much thin shape to your eye brows. Before your wedding keep them thick and well groomed.
  • Visit to a makeup artist to give a stunning shape to your eye brows for your wedding day.

Eye Lashes

False lashes are in fashion today. These will help you to make a dramatic look and help you to add a beautiful texture in your personality.

  • Do a practice to wear false lashes
  • Do a practice by putting on the eye lashes with glue
  • You may need to crop the lashes with fine scissors to fit your eye size and lash length.

Eye Shadow

Combination of your eye color with your skin tone and your wedding dress worth well. When it matched with your skin color and wedding dress color you look like a princess. In Asia bridals like to wear red color but now there is a huge variety in different colors which bridals love to wear on their most special days. In India bronzer and gold always work best to create Smokey eye look.

Eye Lining Tips – Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

Brides, who have small eyes, try to make a thin line with an eye liner to make her eye look bigger. You can make a line on both upper and lower lashes. But the brides who have bigger eyes always make a thick line on the top. This trick will make your eye look smaller.

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