Fashion Tips for Teens to choose a Beautiful Gadget Sunglasses

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In the summer sun glasses considered as most loving and friendly gadget. Sunglasses trend is very common in teens. they love to wear sunglasses . They will not only stylize you but also protect your eyes from damaging UV sun rays. Remember one thing that all sun glasses is not made for this purpose so, while going to buy a sun glasses always keep in mind some important thing which I am going to tell you in this post. Follow these instructions to protect and stylize yourself.

Fashion Tips for Teens


Fashion tips
UV Rays

Your first priority while picking sunglasses should be protection from damaging UV sun rays, because excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause many eye problems like cataracts, burns and cancer. So keep in mind that you are going to protect your eyes with this beautiful gadget.

Style Decision

Fashion tips

While choosing sunglasses first you have the knowledge of your face shape like if you have round face then angular frames works well, and if you have square face then a rounder frame will suit on you.

Check fitness before Purchasing

fashion tips

Before purchasing this gadget try them on and make sure the fit properly on your face. The weight should be evenly distributed between your ears and nose and your eyelashes shouldn’t touch the frame or lenses.

Pick a Right Color of lenses

fashion tips
Lens color

Lens of your sunglasses can affect your personality and your outfit too. Some sunglasses come with inter changeable lenses so you can easily change the color of your desire. Here are some suggestions for you to choose a right color!!!

  • Gray color of lenses reduces the light without affecting contrast or distorting colors.
  • Brown color lenses are good for sports or hunting because they enhance contrast by blocking blue light.
  • Amber or Yellow lenses are good for every normal activity. They enhance contrast by blocking all blue light.
  • Red & Orange are good for snow sports.
  • Violet lenses are good for hunting
  • Copper sunglasses are perfect for golf game.

Go with right Lens Material

fashion tips
Lens Material

Lens made from NXT polyurethane are impact resistant, flexible, light weight, and have great optical clarity, and they are expensive too.

  • Glass is heavier, expensive, and will “spider” if broken.
  • Polycarbonate is not as scratch-resistant and provides less optical clarity than NXT polyurethane or glass, but it’s more affordable.
  • Polyamide is a less used material, which provides glass like optical clarity, without the danger of shattering.
  • There are significant differences in scratch resistance of polycarbonate lenses depending on the hard coat finish applied during construction.
  • Acrylic is also affordable, but it’s the least durable and optically clears.

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