Fashion Trend Hats to Style in Unique Way

fashion trend hats 2014

In past decades fashion trend of hats was very common. But with the passage of time it is becoming unfamiliar, but today I will tell you how you can stylize yourself in different ways with this beautiful accessory.


fashion trend hats 2014

This is an iconic style which adds an unbelievable texture to your outfit. A fedora hat is a felt hat with pinched sides and a lengthwise crease down the crown. That gives the front a roughly wedge like shape, while it can be molded to the taste of wearer.


fashion trend hat 2014

This hat style has the same crown shape like fedora, but on change is its back is shorter than the front, creates an angle. This style backs to the 20th century, but in 21st century it saw as a youth style, especially for those who are in music culture.


fashion trend hats 2014

For a formal business look it is a best choice. It also has creased crown, but without the pinches at the sides. This is still in the fashion for businessmen/women, politicians and other well-to-do persons.


fashion trend hat 2014

This hat style is best for those who are already tall; it has a flattened top without a crease down the center, pinched at the sides like a fedora.  This is best when going out for shopping in a sunny day.


fashion trend hats 2014

Stiff rounded dome of a crown with no creasing or pinching is the main features of Bowler OR Derby hat. Our new culture has made the bowler hat into a stuffy British icon, it is considered less formal than style like the Homburg and the fedora.

Above mentioned is most popular and trendy style of hats to stylize you in a different way.

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