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Now fashion is a most important part of every woman’s life. Every girl and women want to look elegant and stylish. Now woman are getting attentive in choosing the eastern form of clothing and dresses designs. Now a day in India and Pakistan Long shirt is becoming one of the famous Asian fashion trends. We look many women and girls wearing long shirts on every type of occasion. And this is one of my favorite fashion styles too. I saw this trend most famous in Pakistan. So our Today’s topic based on this new trend “Casual Long Shirts”.

casual fashion trend
Red Casual Long Shirt

Long shirts are mostly used as casual dressing but I saw many women wearing long shirts on big events like Wedding; Parties etc. long shirts are available in many designs and style like A-Line Long shirts or simple long shirts. The lower sides of Long shirts are decorated with fancy laces. Floral print art are also very famous in this casual dressing, and are available in many eye catching colors.

casual fashion trend
Casual Long Shirt

You can wear long shirts with tights but if we talk about western wear then they can be accompanied with the Palazzo pants and jumpsuits too. In Pakistan there are many designers and brands that are putting the Pakistani casual long shirt fashion as being one of the favorite and stylish items in their collection.

casual fashion trend
Long Shirt

Woman and young ladies can choose the long shirts for winter and summer too. Casual shirts are available in the market with beautiful embroidery and Laces that makes its look more elegant and stylish.A girl look ideal in it and she gains an awesome personality with this dressing because it is the latest fashion trend of 2014. Pakistani top designers always work for their fans and gave them everlasting beauty with their excellent creativity.

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