SnazzyMag Speaks to Kristina Schapova – Co-Founder of (AAM)

Kristina Schapova – Co-Founder of the Australian Academy of Modelling
Kristina Schapova – Co-Founder of the Australian Academy of Modelling

Self-introduction of Kristina Schapova:

My background is in fashion styling, working with Melbourne’s top creatives and prestigious modelling agencies. I have always worked in the fashion industry, so branching out to freelance styling has enabled me to build on my established network circle and meet some incredible and influential professionals. Now I spend most of my time at AAM, where I style all our students for their editorial training, making their portfolios impeccable; as well continuing to fashion style for various magazines and lookbooks.

About Australian Academy of Modelling (AAM):

Australian Academy of Modelling (AAM) is Australia’s leading modelling and training academy. We believe being a professional model is more than just runway, great photos and flawless looks; it is about creativity, independence and individuality. Our courses have been specifically designed for aspiring and established models, to equip them with mental and physical essentials to succeed in this competitive industry.

What do you think about fashion: Is it important or unnecessary?

I personally think fashion is definitely important, as it is the loudest silent tool to express your personality. We form opinions about people based on their appearance, so fashion allows us to communicate through our personal image. As Rachel Zoe said “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. Enough said.

What is the color you wear most often?

My favourite colour to wear always depends on the season and is constantly changing. At the moment, going into the Australian spring, I am loving the colour yellow. However, the colour I wear most often is black as it is classic, strong and compliments all other colours.

What’s your style philosophy?

My style philosophy is mixing the high-end labels with basics and bargains. When done right, I think it creates a nice balance to the outfit and it allows for your personality to gleam through. My tips are to invest into the timeless pieces. For example, an iconic designer bag that you will use forever, it will hold its value and status with many years to come; a classic trench coat that you can carry through seasons and it won’t date, a statement shoe that can take your outfit to the next level. On trend pieces are great but they are seasonal so do not splurge on them as you will most likely not wear them in a year to come, instead search for them in mid to low caliber of brands that wont limit the credit card, but pairing them with your investment pieces will still make the whole outfit look lux.

Which celebrities do you believe have influenced high street fashion the most?

I think these days bloggers and industry professionals influence the high street fashion more so than the celebrities. My favourites to follow on social media are: Christine Centenera, Anya Aziourova, Mira Duma, Karlie Kloss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Karolina Kourkova, Olivia Palermo, Izabel Goulart, to name a few haha.

 If you could have anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

Definitely Anna Dello Russo! This stylish Italian is the editor of Vogue Japan and she certainly knows how to play with the designer pieces and put an outfit together. I can only image how amazing her wardrobe is…… Aahhhh!!!

Who is your pick for the most “it” stylist celebrity of the moment?

Tara Swennen for sure! I love her style and look. I think we all remember the magic she worked on Kristen Stewart’s ensemble for the Chanel couture fashion show earlier this year.

What’s your ‘secret weapon’…the product that you use for makeup?

An eyebrow pencil! I use an eyebrow pencil that also has a brush on the other end so it helps with blending as well as brushing. I think eyebrows are critical to any face, as they help shape your facial structure. It is important to have a professional eyebrow technician to contour and shape your eyebrows, and then have a great brow pencil to upkeep them yourself at home.

 Who is your favourite fashion designer (Old or New)?

I have a few that range from international big fashion houses to smaller funky new comers. If I had to pick one, I couldn’t go past the iconic Chanel. They have it all from their amazing bags and shoes, to apparel, to beauty products!

What are your 3 favourite materials to wear?

My top 3 favourite fabrics would be silk, leather and cashmere.

What current trends do you like the most?

My favourite trends at the moment include print on print, and the always-on-trend monochrome, you can never go wrong with a black and white combo!

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