SnazzyMag Speaks to Nina Catt – Fashion & Beauty Editor/Stylist

Nina Catt Fashion & Beauty Editor/Stylist
Nina Catt - Fashion & Beauty Editor/Stylist

Self-introduction of Nina Catt:

From a very young age I was interested in all things fashion and beauty. My Mother taught me to sew and I loved spending my days rummaging through her makeup bag and spritzing her Channel No. 5. At school, I excelled in art and textile classes, which lead to studying fashion design and garment construction, followed by a three-year degree in fashion promotion and communication, where I also interned for several British fashion magazines. After graduating, I spent a few years working as a studio assistant and stylist for a local fashion designer before leaping over the pond, and landing in Australia. It was in Sydney that my love for magazines really turned into a full time career. I scored a job at a top food and lifestyle mag, and a few years later found myself as a freelance fashion and lifestyle assistant, working with some of Australia’s top photographers, models and makeup artists. I then landed a full time position as fashion, beauty & lifestyle director for a weekly magazine, where I stayed for almost four years. Now I spend my days writing for various international publications and working on the launch of my own website(

What do you think about fashion: is it important or unnecessary?

I definitely think fashion is important. Clothing is used as a way to express not only your style, but your personality too. However, I don’t take fashion too seriously on a day-to-day basis. Looking good is all about feeling comfortable too.

What is the color you wear most often?

I tend to wear a lot of black, grey and neutrals, but jazz them up with shoes and accessories – and I’m known for always wearing a bold lip. Usually pink. During the summer months you might find me wearing a few splashes of red or coral, and I’m not shy of animal print.

What’s your style philosophy?

For me, it’s not super important to have the latest designer threads or to ride on the tails of what the celebs are wearing. Fashion to me is about looking and feeling great – and dressing for your shape. I own a few expensive pieces that I like to mix with high street labels, but fashion to me is about knowing what styles suit your body – and then taking influence from celebs or designers, to create your own look.

Which celebrities do you believe have influenced high street fashion the most?

It used to be all about what bands and artists were wearing, but these days with the introduction of social media there are many influencers from top magazine editors, to bloggers, models and reality TV stars.

If you could have anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

My own. As much as I admire and sometimes lust after other people’s closets, now that I’m in my thirties, I think I’ve found what works for me. I don’t try and fit in with what’s ‘hot’ this month or get in debt for the ‘it’ handbag of the season. I’m happy with my own little collection. Having said that, give me the size of Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in and I’ll die a happy woman.

Who is your pick for the most “it” stylish celebrity of the moment?

I must admit, I have a girl crush on Emma Stone. Whether she’s on the red carpet or papped in the street, she oozes style. And her always-changing hair colour and cuts, always grab my attention.

What’s your ‘secret weapon’…the product that you use for makeup?

Argh, do I have to pick just one? I never leave the house without filling in my brows or applying a slick of my trademark lippie, but I currently love ‘blur creams’. I apply the formula to my T-zone and around the crows feet area to help disguise fine lines and mattify my oily complexion. L’Oreal and Garnier do great versions.

Who is your favourite fashion designer (Old or New)?

Growing up I was drawn to the unique British of style Vivienne Westwood. I’d trawl through old photographs and clippings, and visit exhibitions where past collections were on show. These days, I tend to look for structured pieces with cool design elements or fun prints and detailing. I love Sass and Bide. I also can’t take my eyes off of stunning bridal and evening wear collections from designers like Leah Da Gloria. I actually worked with Leah in a Sydney bridal boutique a few years back. She’s definitely one to watch. If only I had a red carpet event to attend…

What are your 3 favourite materials to wear?

Cashmere, linen and jersey – did I mention that I dress mostly for comfort?

What current trends do you like the most?

I love print clashing (but for myself, only using two or three neutral colours) I’m also a big fan of masculine-style shoes. Give me a pair of flat brogues any day.

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