SnazzyMag Speaks with Jasmine Smith Fashion Designer & Blogger

Jasmine Smith Fashion Designer

Introduction of Jasmine Smith:

Jasmine Smith is a trained Fashion Designer, an experienced Personal Shopper and an active Fashion Blogger.

Jasmine’s blog, ‘Dress Me Blog Me‘ was set up and run essentially for her Personal Shopping clients as a way for them to familiarise themselves with brands available in Hong Kong as as well Asia appropriate trends.

In 2011, Jasmine founded the ‘#HKFashionBloggers‘ community – which bases itself around growing and empowering the multi-cultral bloggers of Hong Kong via monthly meetups, collaboration opportunities, employment options and networking events – strengthening those operating within the social media movement.

Selected as a ‘Marie Claire Fashion Blogger of the Year’ (2012) candidate, Jasmine was shortlisted along with only 9 other global bloggers as the only Asia based representative.

Jasmine has also been featured as an Elle MagazineStar Blogger‘ on their on-line platform, and wrote for Elle on a regular basis.

What is the color you wear most often?

My favourite colour is black.  It is a trans-seasonal and classic colour that can be worn for practically all occasions – even weddings!

What’s your style philosophy?

You should always be the best dressed in the room – it is a matter of respect – for both yourself and the host.

Which celebrities do you believe have influenced high street fashion the most?

The ‘It Girls’, the slightly rebellious but always notably successful females, the who stand out against their contemporaries with a signature style that clearly defines them as mavericks are the ones that influence high street fashion the most…
Olivia Palermo, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Leighton Meester, Cara Delevingne for example.

If you could have anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

Personal style blogger Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad

What’s your ‘secret weapon’…the product that you use for makeup?

Benefits ‘Moon Beam’ highlighter. Worn on the cheekbones, brow arches, centre of the nose and cupids bow it is the easiest way to add dimension to the face and the illusion of serious bone structure in a fresh and radiant way.

Who is your favourite fashion designer (Old or New)?

I’m currently in love with Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen. They have worked hard with their label ‘THE ROW’, claiming two CFDA Awards – influencing via their own style and making it attainable via their oversized yet elegant brand.

What are your 3 favourite materials to wear?

  • Silk – For the way it turns any simple garment (like a T-shirt or a Tank Top) into an incredibly sensual item of clothing.
  • Leather – For the way it adds automatic sex appeal and edginess
  • Lace – For its highly feminine yet complex coverage.

What current trends do you like the most?

Lingerie on show!  Wearing highly strappy bralets under slightly sheer tops in order to reveal just hints of your bra in a tasteful and glam-rock manner.

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