SnazzyMag Speaks with Tamy Lugo Fashion Stylist


Tamy Lugo is owner of VSylist. Inc, fashion stylist, wife and mother passionate about helping transform all women, men and youngsters into stylish beautiful people as well as seeing them feel become more self-confident.

What do you think fashion is it important or unnecessary?

Fashion is necessary to get dressed, everyone has to do so. Therefore, yes I also believe it’s important

What is the color you wear most often?

None, I love to play with colors especially jeweled tones

What’s your style philosophy?

Fashion should be used to show your individuality and personal style. Trends come and go but they are not must-haves. One should also learn to dress their body in the most flattering form possible.

Which celebrities do you believe have influenced high street fashion the most?

Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Zoe

If you could have anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

Olivia Palermo

Who is your pick for the most “it” stylist celebrity of the moment?

Jennifer Lopez

What’s your ‘secret weapon’…the product that you use for makeup?


Who is your favourite fashion designer (Old or New)?

Diane Von Furstenberg

What are your 3 favourite materials to wear?

Cotton, silk, vegan leather

What current trends do you like the most?

I don’t follow all trends, I normally wear what I feel great with. If I had to choose it would be leather

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