Some Important Rules While Wearing Red Lipstick

red lip color rule
red lipstick guide

No Doubt every woman knows how to apply red lipstick. But to get a perfect look like a professional you have to follow some rule while applying red means dark color lipstick because if it fades it will break up your whole look. So follow these instructions to get a perfect look…

Choose Right One

There are many types of red color you just have to choose right one for yourself. There are true reds, red with blue or orange undertones and red that have some brown shades in them. So always pick the right choice for you and you can make all the differences easily while wearing red lipstick.

Go Neutral

While wearing red lipstick you have to take care about one thing that avoid lot of color on your face especially on eyes. Try to keep your eyes neutral when you are going to wear red lip color. I suggest when you chose red lip color to wear skip the rest makeup because less is always more.

Pair it with Black

Black is a perfect match with red. It is one of the best choices when you are going out for a special evening. It is like you are attending something special. It is a fabulous choice for a date too.

Use black eyeliner

While wearing red lipstick skipping eye shadow is good choice but with this you can add a beautiful texture like eyeliner. Use black eyeliner liquid eyeliner adds a special touch. It packs a punch that pairs perfectly with red lips.

 Use Lip Liner

You need a lip liner when you wear red lipstick. Lip primer is a best choice, lip primer goes on your lips before liner and lipstick to give you an extra layer of protection to keep your lip products in place. It also use to make fuller lips.

 Be confident

While wearing red or any bright color the first and foremost thing is that wear with confidence, don’t feel shy or intimated by it. It is perfect to make dramatic statement with your makeover.

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