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Oily skin is difficult to manage and when it comes to do makeover it becomes sticky and shiny. Many time foundation get spoiled just because the oiliness of skin. Just because oily skin it doesn’t mean that you have to forever forego makeup. First you have to know about your skin type.

Here are some tips on how you can treat your oily skin and make your makeup long lasting…

Use Primer

You first and foremost choice must be the usage of primer or foundation while doing a makeover. Using primer for your oily skin helps everything stay long.

You must have an oil free or anti-shine primer. After cleaning put it on your face before applying any foundation or other makeup cosmetic.

Use lose Powder

After applying primer use lose powder. Lose powder absorbs excess oil and also increase staying power of the makeup. Always use brush to apply it because in this way it blends all over and cover all area as well.

Use Creamy Cosmetics

For oily skin always use creamy cosmetics like cream eye color, cream blush. It will not only give you a beautiful texture but also make makeup long lasting and long staying. The creamy products like creamy Eyeshadow remain intact with skin and cover the eye lids quickly. Apply primer which is best in quality before putting Eyeshadow that remove excess oil.

Use waterproof Mascara

With oily skin there is a great risk of fading of makeup. So I highly recommend you to use waterproof products especially waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner. It not only prevents your makeup from fading but also gives you a fabulous texture.

Use blotting paper

If you have an oily skin then doesn’t forget to carry blotting paper while leaving your home. It is easy way to rinse of oil from your face. Just out the paper where you feel excess of oil and gently press and roll it off your skin, instead rubbing paper on your skin.

Use Homemade face mask

Repeat your skin treatment once or twice in the wee. Homemade face mask and facials are very effective to get rid from oily skin. Multani mitti is one of the best options for this purpose.

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