Simple & Easy Tips to Make Fuller Lips

how to make your lips fuller
fuller lips

The ladies who wish to fuller lips but not born with!!! Here I am with simple tips and tricks which take just a while to make your lips fuller. Just highlighting and contouring the face, creating the illusion of fuller lips is all about playing around with highlighting and shadows.

Lips change the appearance of the entire face; create a more fabulous femme fetal look.  Plus it is subtle enough for day time and can be made more dramatic for heading at night.

Easy Tips to Make Fuller Lips

Tools & Accessories

  • Soft tooth brush OR lips scrub
  • Highlighter
  • Flesh toned lip pencil, darker shades than your lips


When the lips are smooth they look bigger and pillowier. With a soft tooth brush or lip scrub get rid from flakes and uneven texture. Just put any lip balm, it will not only gave you a fabulous texture but also make you lips fuller and smoother.


To make your lips look fuller use any pearly highlighter, make a dot above your Cupid’s bow and blend away. The highlighter catches the light to make lips more dimensional.

Line Your Lips

The purpose behind line your lips are just to create a false shadow. Line your lips with a pencil try to use darker shades darker than your lips color. You just need a bit of the darker color to create shadow and depth. After that line in the center third of bottom lip, extend slightly below the natural lip line. Blend it with a brush or with your figure until there are no harsh lines. It can give you fake fuller lips.

Pop Up with Lip Color

Apply you lip color at the end. Try to avoid darker color because they tend to minimize your lips. You can also skip the color and can use lip gloss on its place, take a gloss or small part of your highlighter and apply to the center of your bottom lip and after that blend it.

You have no need to inject your lips or take any other procedure to make your lips fuller just follow these simple tips and tricks to get fuller lips. Just go for it and rock the event!!!

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