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Want a photogenic face??? Yeah every girl wishes to look better in her pictures. Now a day there is a huge trend of sharing pictures on social media like Facebook, Twitter. We also want have cute pictures of ourselves looking cute! Here I am with stunning makeup tips and tricks on how to can get a photogenic look for your display pictures!!!

Go with Mattes

Mattes considered as flat color. I highly recommend you to use matte color for your makeover. Because matte color doesn’t have sparkle or shimmer and for photography you have to avoid that colors which reflect light on your face. This is one of the best tips on how you can get photogenic look.

Apply your Makeup in Natural Light

This is an important thing to get beautiful photogenic face. To get the best result apply your makeup in natural light because indoor light and natural light can change your appearance so take much care for this hidden fact.

Yellow tined Powder

Yellow tined powder is great than shimmery or translucent powder. because shimmery powders reflect the light and leave a shine. They make your look washed out in the pictures. So add this wonderful cosmetic in your makeover and rock the day!

Eye Concealer

Eye concealer used to hide dark circles. But when we are going to get ready for photography blend your concealer as well because sometime it comes off a little harsh. if you ignore this thing then it may be cause of fine lines and awkward coloring around your eyes.

Go with black

To get fabulous pictures I recommend you to use black eyeliner and mascara. It is an ever best contrast with your makeup in pictures. Trust me this works very well.

Blushy Cheeks

Blush adds a definition in your makeover. It gives you a beautiful look and beautiful texture, but don’t apply over blush it will breakout your look.

Don’t skip Lipstick

Skipping lipstick will cause your mouth to blend in with the rest of your face. Choose a color which perfectly matches your makeover and suits with your skin tone. You can go with a bold color or something nude; it’s all up to you!


Use bronzer or darker shades under your cheek bones, under your chin, on T-zone and outer corner of your head. Apply a lighter color on the areas that hit light. This tip will prove more beneficial for your photography.

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