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Having pimples or acne doesn’t mean that you can’t look gorgeous and pretty. I know pimples on face look like hell but there are many ways to cure this problem. But if you want to hide them instantly then follow the following tips. These makeup tips tell you how you can hide pimples or acne with the help of makeup. But one important thing is that which makeup product is best for this purpose. Read below makeup tips to hide Pimples.

Consult with a Dermatologist

When it comes to prevent or hide the pimples and acne your first priority should be visiting a dermatologist. Another important thing is that change your makeup sponge at regular intervals if you don’t do this then in result bacteria will get contaminated to the makeup products and other areas of skill and may cause more pimples.

Use Foundation

You can easily hide your pimples with foundation, take a bit of foundation on a palette, use your figure tips, dab on the area and then and leave for 10 second. When it comes dry apply a second coat of foundation with makeup sponge. An essential thing is your foundation must be yellow toned.

Apply Concealer

Concealer is a best option to hide this skin problem. If you have scary red pimples concealer is a amazing product, just apply green concealer on the area where you have pimples, but if you don’t have green concealer then apply any matte green shade and after that apply concealer by dabbing it on to the pimples area and then swap with your foundation.

Use Powder

After applying concealer and foundation apply your compact powder or you can also use talc with puff, it is highly recommended to hold the makeup firm in the place of the pimple prone area.

Tricks for Distraction

Distraction is the art which can make or break our look. Now I m telling you about some hidden tricks to distract the attention of other from the affected area of your face.  Like if you have pimples on your cheeks then go with bold or darker color lipstick with this the attention of others will attract on your lips, but if you have pimples on your chin then I recommend you to pop up your eyes and make them bold and dark, and if you have pimples on your forehead then again go with bold lip color. Trust me it works well.

I hope you will like all these effective tips to hide your pimples and acne. If you have any other procedure regarding this matter I love to know about.

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