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Darker skin tone doesn’t mean that you are not able to wear variety of makeup or there are no makeup tips for dark skin. You have no need to worry about this; here I have marvelous makeup tips for those ladies who have darker skin tone.

Use Concealer/Foundation to hide Blemishes

Concealer is one of the great products which help you to hide your blemishes. But the right shade of your concealer is so important. So, you must have the knowledge about which color suits on your skin tone.

Don’t forget the powder

Powdering your face in a makeover is very essential and for darker skin tone it is too much important to add a shine n your face. Just make sure that you are finding the right shade for your skin tone. A wrong selection may cause to spoil your look.

Feel Free to Play with Eye shadow

Experiments are a good thing to get something unique. Although, here we are talking about makeup for dark skin tone so, I recommend you to feel free to play Eye shadow. Try variety of colors to pop up your look, because it is hard to find that which color works with your darker skin tone.

Use Dark Blushes

Brown and darker red works well on darker skin tone. It is a great makeup tip for darker skin tone! Use darker colors but find one which suits on your skin.

Don’t do over with your lip Color

I recommend you to avoid frosty lip colors, because these colors do nothing for your beautiful skin. Try to use some richer, colors that will highlight your lips. But avoid those who made you lips stand out in a negative way.

Don’t forget your eyebrows

At the end the last makeup tip for darker skin tone is don’t forget your eyebrows. Either use an eyebrow pencil or you are just tweezing a natural arch make sure you are paying an attention to your eyebrows as they are a prominent part of your face.

I hope you will like these marvelous tips for a darker skin tone.

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