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Hazel eyes

Makeup tips for hazel eyes are not an easy task. Hazel eyes are the unique eyes in the world. They are beautiful and can pull off so many different colors. So today let’s explore some makeup tips for hazel eyes. I assure you that these tips really work and will bring out those beautiful colors! If you are hazel eye girls then you have got to see these amazing makeup tips for hazel eyes!

Do an Experiment with Colors

When we talk about the makeover for hazel eyes I recommend you to do an experiment with colors, don’t hesitate to play with different colors. There are varieties of shades that will bring out every single façade of color in your hazel eyes. Below I am going to mention few colors combinations that work for Hazel Eyes…

Use Brown Shade

Brown shade is one of the best shades for hazel brown eye. You could do anything from light brown all the way to dark brown to make a dramatic look. You will surely get a new look with this beautiful trick!

Golden Shade

You should try out this makeup tip for gold flecks or green flecks. It is a unique way to add bit of gold and shimmer to your eye shadow and you will see the beauty in hazel eyes.

Lavender OR Plum Shades

If you want to add dramatic look in your eyes then lavender or plum shades are best for this. This tip is one that many girls use when they are looking to go out for a night party. These shades make fabulous combination with black dresses.

 Beige & Caramel Shades

These shades are best to bring out the green tones in your eyes. It doesn’t matter that although you are using beige eyeliner and finishing up with a caramel Eyeshadow you will surely see a difference in your eye color.

Soft Pink

If you want to a romantic soft look for your hazel eyes I will recommend you to use pink shade. I personally love this color. This colors work amazingly on beautiful hazel eyes.

So girls! These are the top best choices for hazel eyes. Try these out and add a spark and charm in your beautiful hazel eyes.

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