4 Makeup tips and Tricks during Pregnancy

makeup tips
makeup tips and tricks

Pregnancy period is very tough period you have to take care about many things. It can gives you an amazing glow but can also bestow a few surprising changes on your skin. Your complexion may become blotchy, prone to acne, oily or dry. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t look pretty in this condition. Just spent lil bit time each morning; few minutes of clever application can give you a day long lift.

Makeup tips and tricks

Pay attention on necessities

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In this time period try your best to hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water to get a natural glowing skin. Because you can’t go with bold and darker color in pregnancy natural look works well in pregnancy.

Pay attention to your eyes

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During pregnancy mat be dark circles may be appear under your eyes due to weakness or lack of sleep. Then just dab a light nourishing eye cream under your eyes. Then pat a brush on concealer. With this your dark circles will disappear and your eyes will look brighten.

Use Sunscreen

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Pregnancy hormones often leave the skin sensitive and more vulnerable to the sun and other allergies. Sunscreen will help you to minimize the chances of hyper pigmentation condition. To conceal pigmentation you can use a best quality concealer.

If you feel the natural glow has begun to fade away. Then use pretty shades of blush or use a light touch of bronzer over the face.

Lip up lifter Trick

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Lip Lifter

During pregnancy you have to take care about all of your best features. In this period most of the girls avoid heavy makeup and like to look natural. The right color of lipstick can instantly lift your face. Chose the shade that flatters your best features and help you to enhance your natural look. Go with light baby pink shades or in day time you can use red to add glamour in your look.

Follow these tips in your pregnancy period to get a beautiful natural look. This is a gift of God so enjoy every moment with pleasure and try to look pretty as you can.

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