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Working ladies are very busy in their lives. Sometime they have no time to sit front of the mirror and spend their time for stunning makeover. Whether you have a long hour shift or have a busy schedule, and sometime have to do instant touchup then in this situation you must follow the simple makeup tips & tricks for instant touch up!

Carry Necessary Items

Try to carry with you multi use products like lipstick that can be use as cream blush, pencil eyeliner that can be use as Eyeshadow and clear mascara that can be use for your brows. These products are simple and easy to use. Also they save place in your bag and save your time too.

Must have how know to apply Products

You must have the knowledge to apply a product for sudden touch up. There is no spending hours applying the perfect foundation or perfecting your winged liner if you don’t prepare first. Do start with a good sunscreen serum or mattifying sunscreen and then use good face primer. I recommend you to use long wearing formula of foundation, primer, eyeliner, mascara etc.

Choose easy to apply Products

If you are living very busy life and have no time then it doesn’t mean that you can neglect your beauty. Have a sip of water and rush to the bathroom then quick this time quick and easy to apply products are your need. I recommend you try BB cream, a sheer presses powder to reduce shine and tinted lip balm. One extra tip is never forget to carry blotting papers with you because they can fix oiliness and makes your skin look fresh.

Skin care fixes everything

There are many other uses of Lip balm & moisturizer. You can use lip balm over your eyebrows to keep them in place. If you are suffering from dry and cakey makeup then just dab of moisturizer onto the apples of your cheeks for a quick brightness.

I hope you will like these makeup tips for instant touch up…

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