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If you have really small eyes then it is a tough job to find the right makeup tips for small eyes. I was searching the top best makeup tips for small eyes because everyone is not blessed with bigger eyes. So ladies follow these tips to make your eyes appear larger, try excellent makeup tips and shape your eyes slightly bigger and much attractive.

Trim Eyebrows

The first makeup tip for small eyes is making sure that you are trimmed or groomed your brows on time. In this way your eyes stand out and look larger.

Use Pale Eyeshadow

To enhance the size and shape of your eyes use pale Eyeshadow. I personally use pale pink or purple and draw out the green in eyes. But remember use the color that works well for your skin tone and for your eye color.

Use Light colors for brightness

If you have small eyes then try to use light colors because it make your eyes bright. This tip works especially in the morning. It makes eyes appear super awake and alert.

Use Dark Colors to Outer Corner

To make your eyes look bigger use darker colors to outer corners of your eyes. Just swipe a bit of the dark colored eye shadow along the outer corner of your eyes. This trick will make your eyes POP!

Use Light Color Under Brow Bone

If you want to make your eyes look bigger just use lighter color under your brow bone. This technique is an obsession of mine. It works very well. Trust me

Line your Upper lash

Make a thick line with a best quality Eyeliner on your upper lash. This will makes your eye look bigger.

Line your Lower Lash

If you want really big eyes than line your lower lash with eye liner. Black color eyeliner is best for this purpose. I also recommend you to use water proof eyeliner.

Curl your Lashes

Don’t forget to curl your lashes. Your lashes can make your eyes appear super big. You can use the lash curler but there are also many ways to do this trick. Go with one of your favorite.

Apply Mascara

At the end finishes up by applying mascara on your lashes. Make sure that you do at least two coats of mascara. With this your lashes will stand out that much more.

I hope you will definitely apply these tips to make your small eyes bigger. If yes! let me know how it work.

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