6 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

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makeup tips for sensitive eyes

Eyes are very sensitive part of your body, so you have to take care about your eyes. People who have sensitive eyes may face irritation because of some harsh and heavy cosmetic products. If proper cosmetic products are not applied properly, then problems may be as eye redness, irritation and itchiness. Today I will tell you makeup tips for sensitive eyes. Trust me these work very well. Just try these out and let me know are these effective for you?

Use Clean Brushes

First and foremost tip for sensitive eyes is always kept in your mind that the brushes you are going to use to makeover for your eyes must be clean. So, clean your brushes regularly just because dust and dirt gets accumulated as you are using the brushes, unclean brushes may cause eye infection.

Always Choose Best Quality Products

Having sensitive eyes doesn’t mean that you could never apply makeup on your eyes. There are many products available in the market which specially manufactured for sensitive eyes. Always try some brands until you find the one which suits you the best.

Use Creamy Eye Shadow

Powder eye shadow may become a problem for sensitive eyes. Powder eye shadows are flaking but creamy eye shadows are more suitable since they do not flake. Also stay away from glittery and shimmery eye shadows, because there is a great risk that they would even more irritate your sensitive eyes.

Do not Line your Inner Line

Many women line their inner line to make the eye look bigger. But remember this can harm your sensitive eyes. Avoid line your inner line just use a liner or pencil outside the lash line. It is better for sensitive eyes.

Avoid Mascara

For sensitive eyes avoid using mascara, which are formulated to lengthen your eye lashes, because fiber in such mascaras could cause irritation in your sensitive eyes. I recommend you to use eyelash dye kit for this purpose.

Remove Makeup

Don’t forget to remove makeup before you going to sleep because it can not only harm your skin but your eyes too. You should always make it a point to remove all the makeup in your eyes using a mild cleanser or with a makeup remover. With this way you can also protect your eyes form any type of infection.

These are the makeup tips for sensitive eyes. If you have any other tip don’t forgrt to share in the comment box.

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