Splendid Makeup Tips Which Never Tells You About

Splendid Makeup Tips

You don’t have to be a professional to have splendid makeup tips and tricks, it takes many year to learn my face shape like what color flatter me how much to apply so that it looks beautiful and natural. You just has to know that how much make up can accentuate your best features and hide unfavorable. Here is few makeup products that you will definitely need while going for a makeover.


Blushers are used to highlight the cheek bones and to make them prominent. It becomes an essential part of your daily makeup when you know how to use it properly. There are so many colorful blushers are available in market to give you a wonderful makeup experience. Blushers define shape of your face. Powder blushers are most popular among other types of blushers because they blend easily. Blusher should be used after foundation and before powder. Color of your blusher should be according to color of your lipstick.

Pink shade blushers

Pink blushers are best to use when you are wearing pink shade lipstick. They give your skin a natural beauty and shine and give you a fresh complete look.

Brown shade blushers

Brown blushers are usually used to give a dramatic or mature looks. They are best to use in evening time.

Eye shadows

There are available in so many colors. Choosing an eye shadow is no doubt can be a difficult task. Wrong selecting of eye shadow can ruin your whole makeup look. So you have to be very careful while selecting eye shadow. Accordion to the color of your eye it is not easy to select an eye shadow. You cannot find any strict guideline for selecting right eye shadow. You just have to keep experimenting to have fully fledged experience about different colors of eye shadows and their results.

Pearly shades

These shades are used to make the eyebrow bone prominent. They give a shiny look and makes eye looks bigger. Try not to use pearly eye shadows if there are small lines around your eyes because lines become more prominent in pearly shades.

Eye liner and Mascara

Eye liners and mascaras are used to make eye prominent and look bigger. They make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. Eye liner makes the shape the shape of your eye prominent and mascara is used to thicken your eye lashes. Mascara and eye liner should be used of same colors always otherwise they will not look good.

Liquid eyeliner

Usually liquid eyeliner is used on the upper eyelid right with upper eye lash. Its application is not as easy. You have to be expert in applying perfect eyeliner. So keep experimenting on your eyes when you are at home. This practice will make you perfect for coming events.

Eye pencils

They are used to make the upper and lower lines of your eyes more prominent. Some pencils are also used inside eye line. When you apply eye pencil on lower line of your eye, also apply some eye shadow so that shade of pencil becomes little fad and gives your eye more beautiful look.

Nail polishes

Expertly applies nail polish gives your hands a beautiful look. These days’ nail polishes are available in market almost in every color to match your dresses according to the event. Selection of nail polish according to the color of your dress makes your looks more stunning and beautiful. Nail polish can also be used on your feet nails to have a compete look. Nail polish should be removed using nail polish remover when it starts to fade or patchy.

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