10 Step Tutorial for Smokey Eyes Makeup

smooky eye makeup tutorial
smookey eye makeup

We are all waiting for spring season, but we decide to show you a great autumn Smokey eyes makeup, which is perfect for every type of season. As compare to usual Smokey makeup it is a little bit darker, but it still look stunning. Follow the following steps and get the deep sensual gaze that you have always dream of!

  1. Apply eye shadow primer or foundation onto the lids
  2. To line whole upper lid use black eyeliner
  3. At the outside corner apply more black liner 4.Smudge carefully
  4. Over the black lining us another brush to apply dark grey eye shadow
  5. Apply nude eye shadow at the crease and just above it
  6. Below the eyebrow apply a one or two tones darker shade
  7. Line the lower eyelid, just below the water liner
  8.  Use a brush to smudge and apply nude eye shadow
  9. Use shiner to create more shine
  10. Apply mascara and be the hottest girl out there!

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