Some real Facts you should know about your Nails

Facts about nails
Real facts of nails

Your nails are the main and prominent part of your hands and body. Like the care of your body, health and skin you have to take care of your nails. I am sure you rarely take a look at your hands and think there are some things you should know about your nails. Here I am going to share some lil facts and things that might you think a bit more about how you look after your nails.

What are the nails?

One of the things you should know about your nails is what they are and why they are there. Everyone knows that nails are there to protect the ends of your fingers and toes, but why? Your fingertips and toes are too much sensitive. Especially, the fingertips have a huge buildup of nerve endings. Indeed, the fingertips have the densest area of feeling receptors in the whole body. Nails are the human equal of animal claws and although we have developed beyond the uses to which the animal kingdom put their nails, we still use them for scratching and picking up tiny things.

What are they made of?

One of the interesting facts about nails you may not know is that they are made of the same material as your hair the protein, keratin. The keratin cells at the root of the nail harden and flatten, while new cells from beneath the top layer, pushing the hard cells out to become the nail. The pinkish look of your nails comes from the blood vessels that feed the nail bed like the part where the new cells are formed. The actual nail doesn’t require feeding because they are “dead.”

Nail’s Growth Rate

The interesting facts about your nails, is that your fingernails grow more quickly than your toe nails. Actually, fingernails grow about 2.5 millimeters each month while toenails grow about 1 millimeter a month. The fastest growing fingernail is the one on the middle finger and the slowest growing one is the thumbnail.

Nails Strength

Nails are extremely strong given how thin they are, and this is due to the strength of the addition of keratin. Although this, however, they are prone to breakage, splitting and tearing. And apparently, Toe nails are stronger, being twice as thick as fingernails, and this is because before we invented shoes, we needed more protection for our feet/toes than for our hands/fingers.

Health Indicator

Another of the things you should know about your nails that I have already shared with you is about the blood vessels that feed the nail bed and give your nail their color. These same blood vessels and the color of your nails can be signals of your health. Bad food habits and dieting can have an effect on your nails and also some medical problems. Here are some medical issues your nails Might be telling you about:

  • Spoon shape with upward curve – iron deficiency and potential anemia
  • Round shape and downward curve – lung disorder, heart, liver or respiratory disease
  • Wide and square-shaped – hormonal disorder
  • Yellow nails (not caused by nicotine) – lymphatic disorder, liver disorder or diabetes
  • White nails with pink tips –cirrhosis of the liver
  • White lines across the nails – liver disorder
  • White spots – zinc deficiency
  • Bumpy nails – rheumatoid arthritis
  • Half-white nails with dark spots – kidney disease
  • Dee blue nails – nails are starved of oxygen, indication of asthma or emphysema
  • Green nails – bacterial infection
  • Thick cuticles – poor digestion of proteins
  • Dry nails – dehydration
  • Brittle nails – silicon, calcium and zinc deficiency and/or circulation, kidney or thyroid problems
  • Thick and dark nails (at same time) – potential fungal infection
  • Nails that peel, chip or crack easily – nutritional deficiency, lack of hydrochloric acid, protein deficiency

If you read the above list you have no need to panic or scared if you see any change in your nails just consult with your consultant!!!

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