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Our nails tell us more about our health. Like the hands nails our toe nails also need care. Every time we cannot wear sandals that cover our whole feet some time we go with simple and nude sandals mostly in summer we cannot wear coat shoes or pumps they can be irritated for our feet or in rainy season they can be the reason of many feet problems. So here are easy and effective tips about the care of toe nails. Get your toes ready for sandals and beyond with these effectual tips to get healthy toe nails.

Tips to make healthy toe nails:

Wash Up your Feet

This process isn’t need any type of explanation but the right way to wash your toenails could be a matter. Many people invest a lot on foot scrubs but you can also use homemade foot scrub for this purpose. You don’t have to need any costly product, just make sure you are washing them in a proper way that they are clean. You can use a tooth brush or nail brush to wash your toe nails. It is the perfect way to get healthy toe nails.

Moisturize your feet

Like your skin your feet also need moisture because dry rough feet never look healthy. Make sure you pat your feet dry after getting shower and don’t forget to apply moisturizer. If you have dry feet then apply a thick cream or you can also use coconut oil before you going to bed. After that cover them with plastic bag or plastic wrap and wear socks. Repeat this process for better result.

Use proper tools

Especially for your nails it is very important to use perfect tools. You have no need to invest a lot of money for this purpose but have a best product is also good for the care of your toe nails. It is also god to have a good nail file. Foot file or pumice stone and cuticles oil.  Avoid using harsh products like razors to trim your nails.

Eat Right Diet

Our diet has a great impact on our body, and also on our toe nails. Try to consume that food which are rich in protein and vitamins like eggs, beef because they are rich in vitamin B-12; citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and red pepper are rich in vitamin C; mushrooms and whole grain is good for their biotin content. So try to consume these components in your daily routine for healthy toe nails.

Keep your nails Dry

Try to keep your nails dry. Wetness of nails may cause the several feet problems. So, whenever you get bath don’t leave your nails for last when you dry off. If you have sweaty feet I recommend you to use talcum powder while wearing shoes like joggers, pumps or coat shoes. Wash your feet and make sure you wash your shoes often too.

I hope you will like this simple and easy way to make your toe nails healthy. If you have any other way regarding this purpose I would like to know about!!!

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