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Nail art is a unique way to add a personal style in your look. While doing nail art you need many accessories like many types of brushes. Each brush has a different shape to make a different art on your nails. When starting to use nail art brushes it is very important to know the proper use of each brush.  These accessories are easily available at beauty supply stores or cosmetic shops.

Selection of Brushes

Size of nail art brushes is very small and their bristles may be natural or synthetic. Natural bristles brushes are more expensive but they are the best choice when using nail acrylic. Choose synthetic bristles brushes when you are using nail polish, because acetone damages natural bristles. Nail art brushes often comes in sets. If you are beginner of nail art you have no need to buy full set of brushes. At the beginning you can buy individually because it gives a beginner the chance to go slowly and master each technique.

Types of Nail Art Brushes

There are many types of nail art brushes. Each type has a specific use. Following are some types and their uses:

  1. Fan brush used to make parallel line and airbrushed look
  2. Flat Brush used to make thick lines or one stroke applications
  3. Angled Brush used to make angles, geometric shapes or other lines
  4. Striping Tool used to make fine long stripes
  5. Line Brush used to make small detailed lines
  6. Detail Brush used to make flower petals or for small details
  7. Dotting Tools used to make dotted nail art

Useful Nail Art Accessories

“Practice makes a man perfect” so, it is necessary to practice with small brushes to develop the coordination and skills to achieve the professional look. There are also many nail art accessories which help to create a beautiful and stunning nail art. Like nail stickers or other stones. These accessories allow user to cover the parts of nails.

Cleaning and maintenance of nail art brushes

Care is most important for long life of any accessory. Acetone is necessary to remove nail polish but it also damages bristles over time. Therefore, it is better not to leave brushes soaking in acetone for an extended period. For other paints and pigments, brush cleaners or brush conditioners keep bristles in good shape.

Once the brushes are clean, make sure they dry out well. It is best to prevent acetone from getting into the ferrule, or the metal part that holds the bristles, because acetone can dissolve the glue that binds the bristles together. A brush holder cup is useful for holding brushes suspended in a cleaning solution. Never leave brushes resting on the bristles because this permanently bends the brush.

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