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Acrylic Nail art is one of my favorite nail art. I was searching the best tips for take care of Acrylic Nails. It is expensive to visit to a saloon for this purpose so I have gathered some tips to look after the Acrylic nail at home. This means looking after them properly and being careful not to damage them. Just follow the following tips if you love your Acrylic Nails.

Proper & Suitable Length

The first tips about this nail art is its proper and suitable length no doubt long nails looks great but sometimes is not suitable for some lifestyle or are not suitable with the texture of your hands. So always keep them in a sensible length and help them stay on for longer.

Protect your Nails

Protection of your nails is very important. Always keep a pair of gloves when you are working. Wear a rubber gloves while washing the dishes because dish washing liquid contain heavy chemicals which may damage your nails. Avoid using your nails as tool if you do you will surely lose your beautiful Acrylic nails.

Dry thoroughly

After washing your hands dry them thoroughly. Because if any water gets under the nails it will make them lift up. In this way May bacteria exists under your nails and get any infection. Do don’t avoid this tip.

Immediate Fixation

If you accidently lose your acrylic nail then get to the saloon as soon as possible. Leaving a broken nail will also make it easier for other to get damage. It is also cheaper to repair a single nail than to have a full set replaced.

Oiling is necessary

To main your Acrylic nail properly oiling them is necessary. Oiling can stop the nails from drying. It stops them separating from your own nails. Plus oiling keeps them flexible. I recommend you to oil them twice in a day. Cuticle oil is best for this purpose.

Don’t bite your nails

Last and most important thing are doing bite your nails. This is a surefire way to have them fall apart. Biting your nails will also prevent your real nails growth. So avoid this habit for your real or artificial nails.

Acrylic art is a great idea to add a different touch in your personality and look. Invest some effort in keeping them looking great as long as possible.

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