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Good looks nails are the symbol of good looking hands. Having clean healthy nails makes your hand appear elongated and graceful. There are many ways to keep your nails healthy. Many women love to visit to a spa for this purpose and spend lot of money. But trust me you can do this at your home very effectively. Below are some simple and easy steps to keep your nails Healthy!

  1. The first step is avoided biting your nails. You can make your nails look unhealthy and unpleasant. Moreover, damaging the nail bed can invite bacterial and fungal infections.
  2. To clean your nails effectively use a nail brush. It will remove dirt, dead skin, and bacteria from underneath your nails.
  3. Take biotin supplements. This is used to strengthen your weak nails. But although there is no certified research to indicate that taking additional vitamin supplements will improve your nail health. But there is also no side effect of these supplements.
  4. Keep your hands moisturized; make a habit of using moisturizer for your hands. From this way you can prevent hangnails and keeps your hands soft.
  5. Excessive moisture may cause brittle your nails, so try to wear gloves when you wash your dishes and avoid soaking your hands in the tub.
  6. If you have brittle nails and want to retain their real moisture apply clear nail polish.
  7. If you love to keep your nails healthy use acetone free nail polish remover and avoid applying it more than once a week. And always use a cotton ball to remove your nail color.
  8. If you want to grow your nails faster, cut them all down to the same length beforehand so that they grow in evenly.
  9. By filling your nails you can remove dust particles easily from your nails to get healthy nails.
  10. Apply a thin coat of clear nail hardener. In the market there are many products of excellent nail hardening products that help you to keep your nails strong and healthy.
  11. Apply your nail color gently; apply two coats of your nail color to get a perfect finish.

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