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Nail art tips

To give your nails character and a unique texture crackle nail art is one of the best options. I personally like this nail art too much. It is very easy and cheap nail art. You just need a crackle nail polish to do this stunning nail art. It was started by couple of brands but now it is available in all well known brands. Following are some crackle nail art tips on how you can do this stunning art professionally.

Start with a Base Coat

To make your polish stay longer base coat is a good idea. It protects your nails from staining and helps your polish to stay longer.

Apply a Brighter OR Solid Nail Color

To get marvelous crackle nails try to use a solid nail color. It is a good idea to stick with a smooth, non glittery color. Because shatter creates a busy effect. Brighter color is used to draw as much attention to the crackle effect as possible, and wait till your base color dry completely.

Paint with Crackle Nail Polish

Crackles effect depends on how you put on, I will recommend you to start with a lighter thin coat so that the effect is more obvious, and avoid going back over a spot you have already painted. Some shatter polishes begin to crackle the second they touch your nails and other may take some time. You have to wait to get better look.


When the shatter has cracked the way you want it go with a topcoat. In this way you can protect your nails and allows your manicure to stay on longer.

The color combination: the strongest ones are with cold, warm or bright, dark colors. Never apply two coats it will likely end up turning your whole nail into a lumpy mess. After application close your shatter bottle tightly because shatter bottles dries very quickly.

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