7 Tools for Dotted Nail Art

Nail art tool
Dotted nail art

Dotted nail art is one of the most famous and easy nail art. I also like this nail art very much. Visiting a parlor for a stunning nail may be very costly but if you can do this at your home then you have no need to spend a lot for this purpose. There are many tools which you can use for dotted nail art, and these tools are easily available at your home. Below are some tools which you can use for dotted nail art.

Use Paint Brush

Paint brush can be use to make large dots. You can use makeup brushes or can buy a nail art brushes set available in the market.

Hair Pin

Hair pin is a common and cheap product which ladies use to style their hair. This ignored little product can help you customize attractive nail art dotting designs easily. Just dip one end of the hair pin in your favorite nail color and make clean dots in less time.

Match Stick

This is an interesting tool for dotted nail art. Match stick offers two sized rounded dots. You can use both ends of a match stick to get desired result. With plain side you can make square dots.

Tooth Pick

An amazing tool for amazing nail art. Both ends of tooth pick can be used to create dotted pattern. Sharper edge gives very small dots even you can make lining nail art with this side of tooth pick professionally. This tool helps you to create many different patterns like floral, parallel design and much more.


Sharpened pencil is a multipurpose tool. You can use its led to make dotted nail art. The pointed tip gives small dots while rounded tips create medium size dots.

Needle – Dotted Nail Art

Sewing needles make a huge impact when it comes to dotted nail art. Both the ends of needle can be used to create dotted nail art patterns easily.

Board Pins

All pins are a fantastic nail art dotted tool. You can use simple all pins and also the fancy ones to play with different designs.

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