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There is no doubt that nail art is one of the most popular trends of this era. It is spreading day by day. It is a unique way to add a beautiful texture in your regular nail paint. It is a affordable way to add a unique touch in your personality. A unique way to add a beautiful texture in your regular nail paint. Today I will tell you some basic nail art accessories to do a nail art at your home.

Base coat

Base coat basically a transparent nail polish which is used to prevent the nail from staining. And it also gives a glossy effect on nails.

Dotted Nail art Tools

There are many tools in your house which can use to do this stunning nail art like Tooth picks, Match sticks, bobby pins, Hair pins and many more. You can make polka dot art easily with these accessories.

Nail Stickers

A wide range of nail stickers are available in the market. They are one of the easiest and quick nail design accessories to use. Nail stickers are available in different colors and in different patterns in the market.

Nail Glitter

This is an easy way to add some girlie glitter to your nails and make them attractive. Just add the base coat on your nail and dip into the glitter pot as soon as possible. Shake the pot for a while you are done. You will get a pretty glittery look to your nails.

Small Pearl

Small pearls are great accent of nail art technique. In acrylic nail art these pearls can be used to create flowers effect.

Stripping Tapes

This accessory is usually known for providing a smooth and elegant look of stripes on your nails. If you are using these tapes then don’t try to use any other accessories.

Cracked Ice Mylar

This accessory is used to create a shimmering stained glass effect on your nails. They can be applied on natural nails by adding them into wet topcoat.

Above mentioned are some basic tools which are necessary for a stunning nail art.

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