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Nail psoriasis generally a skin problem that leaves patches of raised red skin with silvery scales. In US about 7 million people are suffering from this problem. But this skin problem not only affects our body parts but also affects our nails. Today in this post I will tell you about how you can prevent yourself from this problem and if you are already suffering from this skin disease then here are some medication tips to get rid from this problem.


Following are the sign of nail psoriasis

  • If you have nail psoriasis you feel the color of your nails yellow to reddish. which looks like a drop of oil or blood under your nail plate.
  • Small black color lines appear on the nails. Which are called dilated tortuous or hemorrhage capillaries. This situation is occurs when small capillaries in the finger tips bleed between the nail and the skin underneath.
  • Redness of the arched area at the bottom of your nails.
  • Lines appear side to side across the nail.
  • Under the nail skin getting thick. This may also cause weakness of your nail.
  • Another sign of nail psoriasis is crumbling. The nails become brittle and weak.


  • PUVA is a famous which is used to treating nail psoriasis. This therapy is a combination of psoralen, prescribed medications and exposure to ultraviolet UVA light.
  • Steroids might be injected or applied under the nail.
  • Ointments or creams to be rubbed on and around your nails. Plus antifungal solutions can also be used for this problem.

How to get rid from Nail psoriasis

Try to keep your nails dry.

  • Keep your nails short and avoid long size nails.
  • Before doing any type of manual works don’t forget to wear gloves.
  • Avoid manicuring the base of your nail. Since doing this might cause infection.
  • To cover pitting of nails a nail varnish might be used. But avoid acetone base varnishes.
  • Avoid cleaning your debris with a sharp object under your nail.
  • Rub moisturizers into the nail cuticle or soak the nails in emollient oils to improve the condition.

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