Nail Art Tutorials to Try Now

nail art tutorial
nail art tutorial

Let us introduce you to your new favourite beauty tool: nail striping tape. This ultra thin adhesive is basically to thank for the Bieber-esque explosion of nail art—it lets just about anyone achieve salon-quality precision with their at-home manicures. Case in point: striped nail art. Free handing such a defined design is near impossible, but with this tape handy, we’re seeing clean, minimal looks on just about every tricked out tip around. Get your squiggle-free inspo here with these 14 striped nail art tutorials you have to try now.

Linear Equation nail art
linear equation

Linear Equation Manicure:

You’ll quickly learn that color contrast is key when it comes to acing the striped manicure. We are nuts about this teal and black number—we’d totally rock it during work hours.

Single DIY Nail Art
Sindle Diy

DIY Single Stripe Nails:

Here’s a look where less is so much more. This solo stripe blurs the line between sporty and super chic, and we totally approve.

Color Black Stripped Nail Art
Black color strip

Color Block Striped Nails:

This time, the nail striping tape stays on! The silver strip acts as an eye-catching divide between the nude and pastel color blocks in a move that’s clever and way cool.

Minimalism Manicure Nail Art
Minimalism Manicure

Minimalism Mani:

We are completely blown away by this high-design nail art. File this look under advanced techniques and rate the patience level high—while we can imagine a few other things we’d rather do than lay down this gradient template, it’s obvious that the commitment pays off.

Negative Space Nautical Nails Art
Negative Space Nautical Nails

Negative Space Nautical Nails:

So this is what happens when you use a clear base coat for a super striped mani… and it rules! The technique is very paint by numbers-inspired—we like how this blogger kept all the thin stripes in same color to unify the design.

Golden Ratio Manicure Nail art
Golden Ratio Manicure

Golden Ratio Manicure:

This is the perfect special occasion mani: simple to do (thanks striping tape!), yet so stunning. The contrast between the glittery gold base coat and black topcoat is especially striking

Washi Nail Striping nail art
Washi Nail Striping

Washi Nail Striping:

Don’t have nail striping tape on hand? Just use Washi tape (seriously, this manicure speaks to us). Even though the stripes aren’t perfectly straight, the polish palette keeps this look chic.

Nail Tape Stripes Nail art
Nail Tape Stripes

Nail Tape Stripes:

We are straight up obsessed with this nail art that combines our two favorite design elements: clean lines and a pop of color. We’ve never spoken truer words when we say this girl nailed it

Glitter Stripes nail art
Glitter Stripes

Glitter Stripes:

Glitter craft glue as nail art? As fellow Dyers, we have to say we totally get how that can happen. Sure it’s unconventional, but does it matter when your nails end up looking this luxe?

grid nail art
Grid art

Grid Nail Art:

Move over polka dots! The geo craze continues with this slick grid nail art. It’s a killer way to rock black and white tips.

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