Dry water Marble Nails Tutorial

Nail art tutorial
Dry Water Marble Art

I love looking up different French tip designs, because French tips are my favorite. They’ve evolved beautifully, however, so although the classic white or cream tip is still a lovely look, you don’t have to restrict yourself. There are so many absolutely incredible French tip designs, you can find something for special occasions or every day manicures. Check out these examples, and find some new fingernail inspiration!

Marble Nails

The idea is to create the marble on paper then transfer it to your nails. This is the same concept just like the Ziploc bag decals.

Following are the steps to tell you about how this art can be done…

nail Art tutorial
Dry Water Marble Art

Step 1: Apply base color to a zip-loc bag

Step 2: Add a few more color to marble with. Use a toothpick and draw lines to combine the colors as shown above in the image.

Step 3: here is the finished look. Allow to dry a couple of hours.

Step 4: Apply base color while waiting for the marble to dry.

Step 5: once dry use tweezers to lift from the plastic.

Step 6: you can either peel off the entire section or cut off a piece at a time. While I recommend you to cutting a small piece. The polish is thin and will fold over on itself.

Step 7: Apply the cut section to your nail. Your nail polish should slightly wet in order for the marble to adhere.

Step 8: press the marble into the track polish just like you are applying a nail decal. Remember one thing that covers the edge. Use your tweezers or toothpick to push through. I like to use scissors but I don’t recommend them. Then tear off the excess.

Step 9: Apply your favorite topcoat and don’t forget to cover your edges and you are done!

Following are some more nail art which never tells you about

Black, White and Pink French Tip Nail Design

nail tutorial
Black, white Pink French tip

This is one of my favorite French tip designs just because of the color combination. You could easily do any design you like on the accent nails.

Animal Accents

nail art tutorial
Animal Accent Nail art

If you love animal print, here’s the design for you! The thin gold lines give you the perfect amount of sparkle.

Ombre French Manicure

nail art tutorial
Ombre French Manicure

Ombre is such a hot trend, and it looks great on your nails. This is a subtle nod to the look.

French Tip Camo Nail

nail art tutorial
French Tip CAmo Nail

I am not sure if this actually looks like camouflage, but it sure is colorful! Would you try this?

Blue & Silver Sparkles

nail art tutorial
Black & Silver Sparkle

This midnight blue shade is lovely, and the silver accents really pop next to it. It’s kind of sophisticated, but still fun.

I Hope You Will like all this Stunning Beautiful Nail Arts…

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