10 Amazing Looks for Short Nails

How to do nail art for short nails
Nail Art

You can still go crazy with polish and either highlight your short nails or make them look a little longer. You are sure to find some great looks for short nails here, so get all your manicure tools ready!!!

Neutral & Accented

Neutral nail colors create some of the best looks for short nails, so don’t shy away from a shade just because you think it is boring. Feel free with an accent nail instead, because sometimes all you need is a little glitter.

Neutral & Glam

Keeping it neutral also makes it easy to include some really incredible designs. Look at how those floral-inspired curves elongate even the shortest fingernails.

Bright & Accented

You can still rock a bright polish if you have short nails, too! Just create a subtler accent in tamer shade neon always works with white!

Graffiti Gorgeous

Darker colors can often bring out the gorgeous shape of your nails and hands. All you need is a little finesse to kick it up a notch – even freehand hearts!

Polka Dot Tips

As you’ll see, French tips and all the variations thereof really work with short nails. Here, the white makes the shape stands out, while the innovative tips lengthen and pop.

French Tips & Accented

And who says French tips have to be all natural and white? Bring some color into the mix, and don’t forget the accent nail, because it draws attention away from the length.

Stripped Nail art

You might shy away from stripes on your clothes, but embrace them on your nails! Look at the way the diagonal stripes elongate, especially with a gently rounded square shape.

Dynamic Design

You might not think your shorter nails give you much room for different designs, but that’s simply not the case. Even if you try something different on every nail, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Bright & Bold

Short nails look just as lovely with bright, bold designs as long nails do. Choose a really bright central color, and then play around with different designs – there’s no hard rule stating you can only have one accent nail, after all.

Sparkles & Stars

Don’t worry, even though your nails are short, they can still handle a busier manicure. Embrace confetti looks, even stars and sparkles.

I hope you will like these amazing tips if You have any other idea then I will definitely like to know about your interest!

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