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Simple & Easy Way for Glitter Nail Art

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Here are some simple on how you can get healthy toe nails. You have no need to spend lot of money for going to a spa or for costly products Just follow the simple step to take care of your toe nails!!!

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perfect manicure

To get a perfect manicure you have to follow just simple steps. it is also easy to do at home. for those ladies how have not enough time to go to a saloon for manicure it is a great knowledge for those ladies. So try this and get a perfect manicure.

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Facts about nails

Like your health you also have to take care of your nails too because they are the indicator of your health. Here i am going to tell you some real facts about your Nails which you haven’t know before….

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nail art tutorial

Let us introduce you to your new favourite beauty tool: nail striping tape. This ultra thin adhesive is basically to thank for the Bieber-esque explosion of nail art—it lets just about anyone achieve salon-quality precision with their at-home manicures. Case in point: striped nail art. Free handing such a defined design is near impossible, but …

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Home remedies for Brittle nails

There are no wonder products to cure the Brittle nails. But with home remedies we can do it easily. Here i have mentioned some products that you find in your Kitchen easily. try these tips to get the fantastic look of your nails…

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How to do nail art for short nails

It is not necessary that every woman have long nails and in worry that how could be style short nails with nail art so ladies you have no need to worry about it. Here I am going to tell you the most amazing dynamic look for your short nails.

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Simple Chevron Tip Nail Art

After clothes, shoes and hair, nail art is the next big thing. The concept is gaining popularity and the girls are enjoying every bit of attention their nails get them. Nail art is done with creative designs using different art forms. We try sharing tips and remedies for several beauty aspects. Our readers sent several …

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summer nail trend

Summer is on the head and if you are deciding to go out with a bang in this summer you surely need to make room for these stunning electric nail art trends. With excellent pops of blue to subtle but sexy shades of red, there is something about this warm season that inspires passion in …

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Nail art tutorial

I love looking up different French tip designs, because French tips are my favorite. They’ve evolved beautifully, however, so although the classic white or cream tip is still a lovely look, you don’t have to restrict yourself. There are so many absolutely incredible French tip designs, you can find something for special occasions or every …

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A stripped glitter nail art

With nail art being an ever-growing trend, it seems like everyone is trying their hand at creating intricate fingertip designs. However, if you are not exactly steady-handed or skilled with a detail brush, glitter polish can offer a super easy way to create a fantastic nail art look in a flash. Below, we shall share …

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