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Nail care

These are simple and easy tips to get healthy nails at your home. You have no need to spend a lot to get healthy nails just follow some simple steps!

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Nail Art tutorial

Nail Art is not a difficult task. You can also do this at your home. Here are stunning Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial. Just follow the simple steps and do beautiful Nail art like a professional.

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ribbon hairstyle

If your are bore with your old hairstyle then spice up with a beautiful accessory ‘Ribbon’. Make different hairstyles by using ribbon and stylize yourself in a different way. For further information read the below article!!!

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wedding tip

Mehndi is a most important part on wedding and for brides it is most important mostly in eastern countries. Therefore it has become an inseparable part of our culture. You will see women from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh wearing mehndi as temporary tattoos on their hands and feet.

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nail art tutorial

Let us introduce you to your new favourite beauty tool: nail striping tape. This ultra thin adhesive is basically to thank for the Bieber-esque explosion of nail art—it lets just about anyone achieve salon-quality precision with their at-home manicures. Case in point: striped nail art. Free handing such a defined design is near impossible, but …

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Summer wedding hair style

It is summer, which means one thing: wedding season. In this season we wouldn’t be surprised to hear if you were invited to at least one wedding. Most weddings call for hair that is a little more finessed; hair that’s as beautiful as it is natural. While a few extra minutes spent perfecting your coiffure …

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